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Happy Umbrella is the easy solution to the frustration caused by wet umbrellas bringing unwanted water onto your business' floors and entrance. Firms with a high customer frequency understand the complications caused by rain; wet umbrellas quickly soak the floor, increasing the risk of accidental slips and falls -- this can lead to an unnerving and uneasy environment for your customers.

Just as is the case throughout the world, slipping is the most frequent cause of accidents in Switzerland; SUVA's statistics estimate approximately 300'000 yearly accidents caused solely by slipping. Thus, Happy Umbrella is a important asset for businesses looking to acquire preventative protective measures against accidents.

Today, Happy Umbrella has evolved into an important tool for large companies and stores around the U.S.A. Happy Umbrella can be found at Hotel and Restaurant entrances, at Airports and Train Stations, Hospitals, as well as in front of Office complexes and many other Public spaces.

Happy Umbrella is the optimal opportunity for an innovative advertisement.

Personalization of the plastic covers is an original way of getting the ads you want to the customers you need.

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